About Lauren

I first starting doing Pilates at the age of fifteen in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which is a curvature and a twist of the spine. After being told that I possibly needed corrective spinal surgery, I was advised to try Pilates first to see if it could help and the results were amazing.

As a keen horserider and competitor, keeping up my strength and fitness was very important and I found that with the addition of Pilates my strength improved hugely. After returning to the surgeon a year later for a reassessment, it was discovered that my muscle tone and posture had improved so much that surgery was no longer required!

I decided that I wanted to pass on my knowledge and Pilates passion and in 2012, I trained with Europe’s largest Pilates organisation and world-renowned education provider Body Control Pilates.

I absolutely love what I do; one of the best parts about my job is that I can offer my teaching to all ages and abilities. I thrive on giving my clients the confidence and education that they can move correctly, with focus on good alignment, core stability and precision to improve their overall body awareness and strength. Classes are fun and one on one attention is given to everyone so that they can get the best out of their hour. They can then walk away feeling taller, stronger… and with an even bigger smile!

Since qualifying, I have continued my training and development and have since gained the following qualifications:

  • Level 3 Pilates Matwork
  • Level 3 Reformer
  • Level 3 Pre & Postnatal Exercise Programmes
  • Intermediate Matwork
  • Pilates for Equestrians
  • Pilates for Pregnancy and Postnatal
  • Pilates for Scoliosis
  • Pilates for the Older Person
  • Pilates & the Foam Roller
  • Pilates on the Ball
  • Pilates & the Toning Circle & Small Ball
  • Emergency CPR & First Aid for the general public.

Pilates for Horse Riders

I was born and raised in the Turville valley and have grown up around horses, which has given me a huge passion for riding.


I first sat on a horse at 8 days old and was taught along the Classical method of riding at Turville Valley Stud, which encourages a natural seat on the horse with as little interference as possible.

As a competitive show jumper, Pilates has helped me enormously with my riding.

As some of the exercises are particularly focused on core strengthening, it helps to develop the necessary postural alignment and balance needed to sit in the saddle, whilst other specific exercises can improve the range of movement in a particular joint allowing simple movements to become easier.

I offer equestrian based Pilates sessions at Turville Valley Stud. For more information on booking or if you have a group of people that you’d like to start a class with, please contact me.