“I love Pilates! For my riding I need to be as straight and as strong through my core as possible, which Pilates helps with massively. Lauren is an engaging teacher and really knows when to push me, whilst reminding me to always listen to my body. It is also a great way to switch off and relax after a busy day. It allows you to stretch and strengthen your body in a safe way, it really is a must for everyone!”

Joanna Thurman-Baker, International GB Dressage Rider

“Lauren is an amazing instructor, she has taught me in Pilates and helped me with my Show Jumping. Her passion and knowledge for both is completely inspiring and I found the way she is able to adapt and focus her teachings to your own abilities and needs was so helpful – especially where an old horse riding injury is concerned. As well as being sensitive to the body’s needs Lauren also loves to challenge you too, to work hard and succeed at improving ever closer to your own goals. Highly recommend Lauren’s Pilates classes…”


“I have worked with Lauren on a 121 basis and in a class. She is brilliant and has helped me considerably with my many health issues. She is so precise and thoughtful gearing the 121 session to what you can cope with, but asking for your input as to what you want to achieve and then fine tuning it.”


“I don’t know where I would be without my Pilates classes, the core strength has improved my riding position beyond recognition and the lateral breathing keeps me calm and focused!! Thank you Lauren for being a fab instructor.”


“I first started coming to Lauren as part of my recovery after herniating my L4/5 disc. Over the first 6 months I was seeing Lauren for 121’s and then started classes slowly to rebuild my body. I found that Lauren understands what its like to be in chronic pain and worked with me and my body with its quirks to get back to normality, but at my own pace. After 8 months I now feel strong and healthy again, I understand my own body more than ever before and love attending my weekly session and class. I can’t recommend Lauren and her methods enough.”



“Lauren’s Pilates classes are simply brilliant. I have been doing Pilates for a number of years and most of those years have been with Lauren. Her style of teaching is fantastic making it clear and easy for everyone to understand from beginners to the more advanced students. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work and this shows through hugely in her teaching. Being a horse rider myself I have many aches and pains from too many falls over too many years and Pilates helps me to keep them all at bay! I now live in the South West of France and miss my classes immensely. Lauren’s teaching has helped me put together my own routines that I do 3 – 4 times a week now – but it is not the same!”

Kate, Osteopath

“Lauren demonstrates a high level of expertise in her classes, with tips and suggestions tailored to each individual, and a sense of humour when necessary!  As a rider, Pilates with Lauren has much improved my posture, balance and strength after just a couple of months (plus the added bonus of a six-pack!) I can recommend Lauren’s classes to anyone who wants to practice Pilates in a relaxed and friendly environment.” 


“Lauren is just great! After pregnancy number 3, I needed a tailored workout which Lauren provided easily. Now my back is much better, my core muscles are (finally!) back and I feel sooooo much better. Couldn’t recommend more!”