Reformer Pilates

The Reformer can transform your Pilates work and provide a better understanding of your own body movement and postural stability. Whether you are completely new to Pilates or at an advanced level, Joseph Pilates’ first and original piece of equipment is definitely one to try!

With the resistant use of springs, the Reformer provides feedback when performing an exercise, so if you are out of alignment or stronger on one side then you will know straight away. It can also be adjusted to suit your body, with the option of load being added or taken away to provide more challenge in your strength and stability, and overall give you the best out of your exercise.


The benefits include:

  • Increased body awareness and controlIMG_0194
  • More range of movement and improved flexibility
  • Increased strength and tone
  • The ability to perform exercises that you may not be able to do on the mat
  • Strength and resistance work with feedback


Reformer Pilates is available on a
1-1 basis in the studio in Turville.

Please contact me for booking and prices.